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Emotional Balance Sheet with Paul Fenner

Mar 16, 2023

Parents, do you ever feel like passing ships in the night while trying to raise active kids with your spouse/partner?  How can we stay better connected during this stage of life, so we don't lose each other once our kids are grown?

Dr. Jennifer Dragonette is a licensed psychologist with expertise in relationship dynamics and trauma and is trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, specializing in working with families.

According to Jennifer's work, awareness sits at the forefront of change, especially regarding listening.  The key to being an active listener is being aware of the thoughts going on within your mind but having the ability to hear and, more importantly, validate what your significant other is telling you.

Jennifer talks in depth about family systems, what they are, tips for building them, and how they can help us to avoid avoidable suffering.  However, similar to how we change and our kids grow, family systems need to be adaptable and change with the shifting stages of life.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jennifer Dragonette.

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